A Men’s Guide on Meeting Women Online

Internet is a place where everyone seems to have unrealistic expectations. We especially resort to the Internet when we’re looking for quick fixes it seems, and dating is no exception.

Guys often go online expecting dating websites to be the place where they will take a shortcut through the social system and have the greatest love story with that perfect woman, all that with a few clicks and no efforts.

This is the first mistake guys make when meeting women online, having unrealistic expectations. Remember that the online world is very similar to the real one, competition is present, the ratio between the successful, and the dateless are there..

It is surprising with the amount of choices online dating offers, that particular guys and girls are more abundant in getting dates, in fact more than they can handle, while most others struggle even getting a response back. The ratio is about the same as far as popularity goes. So what gives…
In many ways you must understand that online dating share much characteristics that are very similar to the real world, such as:

  • Results are still determined by a numbers, it is game after all
  • You won’t get positive responses from everyone
  • Initial responses still depend a lot on first impressions.

When a girl sees your message in her inbox, she can go over to your profile to decide if she’ll even bother opening it. Your profile, main picture and secondary pictures are, therefore, very important.

While there are many similarities shared between online, and offline dating, the rules of online dating can very different. And you will have to accept the learning curve that goes with it. Results are far from instantaneous, but you can get as much dates as you want if you play it right. Here are a few of the particularities of online dating you should take into account:

  • It is much easier to reject someone online, and when someone doesn’t respond, often rejection can be assumed.
  • Referring to the prior point, that means that even if your personality and «game» could handle the rejection or response from a particular girl, if she doesn’t care to look at your next reply, you don’t have a shot.
  • You can sort of «force» an interaction in real life, but not in online dating.
  • Physical appearance can be easily falsified and modified, so be careful.
  • Online dating can also be attractive for people that are twisted up socially, since they can stay anonymous.

Now before making a quick rundown of the standard steps for getting a date effectively, you must understand that meeting women online should always be used as a supplement to your normal dating life. The best mindset to have is an abundant dating life and little temptation to be hooked by online relationships. This leads to our first step.

Meeting Women Online: Be Prepared

You have to establish how you want to supplement your dating life. Do you want 1 extra date per month, 3 dates per week, or do you want to use it to simply practice your interactions with women in slow motion?

Once you can answer this, now chose how much time you expect to spend at your computer while being on those dating sites, and most importantly, stay true to it. It is pretty much necessary to establish a time limit because it is easy to get hooked and stay on the computer for hours when meeting women online. Don’t lose sight of the objective of transferring these interactions into real ones.

Meeting Women Online: Setting Up Your Profile is The Key

You shouldn’t be busy sending messages and browsing other profiles when first logging in on a dating website. Instead, you should be properly setting up your profile along with main and secondary pictures.

Your main picture should only display you on a very nice, beautiful and clear image while your secondary should display your lifestyle, both in quality and in variety. You should be seen with friends, guys, girls, family, kids, animals, etc… You should also be seen in various contexts: out at night, in vacation, traveling, doing hobbies and maybe even a glimpse of your professional life.

Make sure these pictures are clear and natural. Avoid using self-pictures and pictures of yourself flashing with cars or else, kissing girls or anything involving ex-girlfriends no matter how fine they were.

Finally, write your description with proper use of English language, or whatever language dating site you’re using. Have your description written in a sincere, exciting, funny and inviting tone so that the woman can picture herself doing certain things with you.

Try to paint pictures and give details in your description. For example, if you mention restaurants, don’t just say eating at a restaurant. How are the lights set up? Is it noisy with an exciting vibe or is it quiet beside a nice view, or beside the beach? What are you eating? Are you talking, laughing or just staring at each other? Are you taking dessert? Ask yourself tons of questions for each of your hobbies to add a unique tone to each one so that they reflect your personality.

Meeting Women Online: From Online to Offline

Up to this point, you should be fine on your own, displaying your personality to the best and having honest conversations with women. However, there are still a few technicalities that could prevent you from having success online despite being great, honest, fun and sincere.
You must make sure your first message gets opened, so the title must be nice and intriguing, so it stands out in her inbox. For example, giving her a nickname right from the get-go in the title can be very effective.

Second be youself, instead of trying to be «original». You don’t have to find the most clever line or title, just choose one that goes with your usual personality and profile. If she detects some «game» and lack of congruence, you will never get a single reply from her.

The content of the message should begin with something funny and interesting showing your personality while the rest of the message should be more about getting to know each other. What do you want to know about her? Why did you message her in the first place?

At the end of the message you need to tell her what you expect out of this interaction with her. Be precise. If you don’t have the time to e-mail back and forth for a while with anyone, say it. Tell her to give you her number right away and make the first date as simple and safe as possible in that case.

Finally the last, but also the most important advice of all when it comes to meeting a woman online. It is that you should focus on making a smooth bridge going from online to the first date. Your approach should vary depending on the girl. Some will want to arrange a date pretty quickly while some others will avoid the subject until they hear your voice on the phone. Be sensible to that need to speak on the phone first, she might express indirectly.

Also, make sure that the date isn’t focus on you two meeting and expecting to fall in love. It should be a fun, and a non-pressure date with no expected outcome. As you can see, the online world run out pretty quickly as you progress, simply because you’re communicating with humans after all and each case is different. In conclusion, get the girl in front of you in person as soon as possible, and have a normal date like the Internet never existed.

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