7 Principles on How to Attract Women and Keep Them Attracted

Today, I would like to tell you 7 principles on how to attract women that you can easily apply to your life right now. But before we get started, I want to tell you this interesting fact that I pick up the other day while reading the daily newspaper.

Did you know that on average that 50% of all marriages in America end up in a divorce? I was shock, I just couldn’t believe that 50% of all marriages end up in a divorce, that’s 1 out of every 2 marriages get divorced. Wow that sounds crazy… but why is that?

Well, some men blame the women’s movement. They feel that more and more women are self-dependent and no longer need a man to support them and that gives them all the power. While this is true, but it isn’t the only reason why the divorce rate is at an all-time high. It is true that many women now no longer need a man to support them financially, but that doesn’t mean women don’t need men at all.

Ok, so if that isn’t true then why do couples break up so often?

Well, I’m not going to claim to know the ultimate reason to why couples breakup, but after listening to various different couples about their relationship I begin to see a pattern.

From my experience most couples stay together in a long term relationship for 2 reasons, there may be more, but like I said this is what I have gather so far. Couples stay together because they are either deeply attracted to each other, or and more often it is because they are so comfortable with each other and have subtle down with each other.

Most couples aren’t really in love any more. They are no longer attracted to each other sexually. They simply stay together because it is easier than trying to go out and find a better relationship. Or at least until one of them do something to so extreme that the other person just can’t take it anymore, and bam! There is your divorce.

The point to all this is that if you want to have a healthy long term relationship that last, you need to learn not only how to attract women, but how to attract women and keep them attracted to you. So like I promise here are the 7 principles that you can use to keep women attracted to you:

Principle #1: Learn How to Attract Women by Becoming a Real Men

When you can really hit that spot and become a real man, an independent man who is following his own path. You’ll begin to think differently, you’ll move differently, and you’ll just know exactly what to do in every situation.
But becoming a real man takes time. It isn’t like trying to learn a few pickup lines or routines and pretend you know what you’re doing even though you don’t. Becoming a real man is a way of being, so you cannot simply try and fake it because women can easily spot a man truly gets it, and a man who is trying to fake it. So take your time to become a real man that attracts women naturally and easily by constantly work on yourself.

Principle #2: Keep Her Guessing

If you want to learn how to attract women and not just for a short period of time, than you need to be a little bit mysteries, and keep her guessing. You don’t want to do what most guys do and reveal all your cards right away. That’s boring and you leave nothing for the women to be curious about.
Women don’t want you to tell them everything about yourself right away, they like the mystery and they want to be curious about you because it is fun them. Keep some stuff to yourself, and reveal them slowly, she will be way more excited if they discover them on her own.

Principle #3: Be a Challenge

I have been always fascinated by the fact that women are attract to «jerks» that mistreat them. But I understand now. The reason why women like the so called «jerks» is because they are a challenge, and women love challenges. However, that being said you don’t actually have to be a «jerk» to attract women, you just have to take what works from them and use it yourself, and that is to be a challenge to women. And the simplest way to be a challenge to women is to tease her. Say something like «hey hair style, I saw the same her style on an 80’s music video the other day.» The ability to tease a woman shows her that you’re not scared to mess with her, and that you’re different than other men.

Principle #4: Have a Plan

Have a plan, know what you want, and where you’re going.
Women likes to be led, and a men who can take the lead gets all the ladies. Oh and by «leading» I’m not saying that you should go cave man style on the girls and drag them out of the club by their hair. That’s not leading, I don’t even know what you call that «force» maybe?, anyway that’s just wrong don’t do that. Instead be a real leader, watch a good male dancer(not the bad ones), they lead with their body, and women trust and follow. So have a plan before you go out to meet the ladies, so you know exactly what to do when you’re there. For example: Say your goal is to meet a girl and take her to the café that you enjoy, and that night you go to a club, you talk to a bunch of girl, and one them you like. You talk to her a bit and when it feels right, you can just ask her to go the café so you guys can continue the conversation. And all this can progress smoothly, only because you had a plan, and you stuck with it. Never settle for anything less then what you want, stick to your plan whatever it maybe. Maybe it’s to have a girlfriend, or 2 girlfriend, or just friend with benefit, it doesn’t matter whatever it is just stick with till you achieve it.

Principle #5: Learn How to Attract Women by Using Humor

Simply put you can talk to 1, 000 different girl in a night, but if you don’t know how to spark attraction with them, than at most you’ll have 1, 000 new female friends who won’t have sex with you. So learn to spark attraction by using humor, tease, and flirt with her. One VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember about humor, that it isn’t just about being funny. Because funny is just haha, it doesn’t spark attraction, it’s rather more entertaining. When girls talk about a sense of humor, what they really mean is a guy who can be playful, and enjoy themselves. If you want to joke with a girl use the jokes that you like, don’t read off a list of jokes that you got from a book.

Principle #6: Stop Reading This…

Haha, funny… that’s probably what you thinking to yourself right now I bet, «is he joking?». NO… I’m definitely not, and you know why because this is the biggest reason why thousands of guys who claims they want be successful with women, but are not. Seriously, instead of meeting women they spent third of their time working, third of time reading about how to attract beautiful women, and the last third of their time thinking about beautiful women and watching porn. And the shocking part is that’s exactly what most guys do day in and day out. Look if you want to get a girlfriend, a bunch of girlfriend or just meet and attract beautiful women. The first thing you have to do is to actually get out of your house and meet them.

Principle #7: Get the Best Advice

I was down at one of the Anthony Robbin’s events, and at that event he says «success leaves clues». What he mean by that is, if there is someone out there in the world that is living exactly the life you want, or is having the success with women that you want, why reinvent the wheel.

It’s simple whenever you learn anything in school, what do you do? You get a teacher(expert), and a text book with a bunch of advice of previous experts on any particular subject. Although there isn’t a subject on How to Attract Beautiful Women in school, but there are tons of advices and books out there that will show you exactly what to do.

So don’t go through the pain of being rejected over and over by hundreds of women, don’t try to do it by trial and error. And yes it is still true that you MUST TAKE ACTION, but do it with the best advices you can get from the best in the field.

And if you want to know which are the best advices you can get about how to attract beautiful women and keep them, I highly recommend you check out Pandora’s Box.

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