5 Simple Ways to Get a Girlfriend

There are many ways to get a girlfriend; some can be quite expensive and some may require no money at all. Try not to believe the misconceptions that women are only after men with large pocketbooks who can afford to shower them with riches and luxury.

This is far from the truth. Most women nowadays are very independent and just want a man to complement them. They are looking for men that are passionate and who are not afraid to show their emotional side among other things.

What most women are looking for these days is a real man, one who won’t feel be little if she is earning more money than him. So, apart from the above there are a couple more easy ways that you can get a girlfriend. It sometimes just requires a little change in your ways.

Here are 5 great ways to get a girlfriend:

Wherever you are in life now, you have no one to blame but yourself. Until you can accept that notion you probably shouldn’t be looking for a woman. All you will do is burden her with your sob stories about how life hasn’t been kind to you.

If she is a successful woman this is all the more reason to not behave as if you have been dealt bad blows all your life. Man up and take responsibility for your actions. Show her that you have a plan for your future and ways to achieve the goals that you plan for.

Be willing to open up. This is actually one of the simplest ways to get a girlfriend but men find it to be one of the hardest. Let go of all that macho bravado and show her that you are a human just like her. She will appreciate a man that has the ability to share with her about himself, and she will in turn let down her guard and open up to you as well.

Make your intentions clear from the get go. Let her know you are attracted to her and let her know exactly what you want, whether it be relationship or just a quick fling. Don’t be afraid to let her know what you want, even if she might not want what you want. But every women will appreciate you honesty, and no bullshit directness.

Stop pretending and be honest always. You don’t need to have the biggest job title or the best history in the world. She might not go home with you just because of your radical honesty for whatever her own reasons, but she will feel refresh «finally a real men who can just be honest».

And just by you being honest to her, you have allow her to trust you completely right from the start and to know that she doesn’t have to worry about any surprises later on.

Let her know the real you. There may be things that she will not like, but she will appreciate the fact that you are who you are. She will appreciate that you are not afraid of the person you are; it will make her unafraid of that person, too.

These simple ways to get a girlfriend don’t require you to spend lavishly or alter your appearance. All they require is that you change and accept the person that you really are so others can accept you as well.

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