4 Ways to Create Attraction with Women

Probably the biggest mistake that most men make when it comes to learning how to create attraction with women, is that they think attract is measure by how much she likes you.


And I dare to say that, to all women attraction and admiration(how much she likes you) is completely different. She might like you but wants nothing to do with you sexually, or she might hate you but wants to have sex with you.

Why do you think most women complains about their boyfriends, «oh, his such a jerk…» that’s because she might not like everything about him, but she is deeply attracted to him. And that’s why «Nice guy» don’t win.
Now this doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk for a women to be attracted to you, it just mean that you need to learn how to create attraction with woman. Here are 4 things you can do to create attraction to get you started.

1) Be Confident

Quite honestly, I really didn’t want to put confidence as one of the 4 way to create attraction with woman, but it is really damn important. The problem with confident is that you can fake it, it show in your body and the way you carry yourself. So instead you really need to take some time and improve yourself confidence with women, a good way to start is by going through all the things that are good about yourself, that you can offer, and you truly do.
When you see that you have a lot to offer to woman, you’ll begin to feel more confident about yourself. Other than that, begin to carry yourself with good posture, and pay attention to your body languages.

2) Connect with her

A lot guys tell me when I tell them to connect with a girl, «oh that don’t work, I tried that before and she just wanted to be friend». Well.. that’s not really connecting with a woman, you just being her psychiatrist, someone who she can go to tell spill all her problems, and get advice from.

Real connection is what you have between you and your friends, you friend don’t just complain to you about his problems, it might be part of it but he doesn’t always do it.

So really connected with a women by finding out what you guys have in common, something unique about her. Listen to her, then related and share with her by telling her something unique about you as well.

3) Be Playful (Flirting)

Women loves to have fun, while being funny is part of it, but it doesn’t really build sexual attraction all the time. Instead be playful, the difference is, being playful isn’t just about words. It’s just like when you were a kid, you can play and have fun till the sunsets.

That’s exactly what you need to do even now with a woman, don’t take yourself too seriously, enjoy yourself and tease her. Tickle her, tease her on something that she is comfortable with, or touch her on the arm and accuse her of trying to hit on you. Some of these might not make sense to you right now, but the point isn’t to make sense, it’s about enjoying yourself and have fun.

4) Touch Her

If you’re not a very touchy-feely person, this might a little hard for you at first. But to a woman your touch communicates a lot more than your words, and it is a great way to stay out of the «friend zone».

Learn to touch woman, but don’t just touch girls ONLY, that will just make you a pervert. Instead be comfortable touching everything, but start slow, keep it light. A firm handshake, or a lightly tab on the shoulder would do to start.

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